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Gates & Balance

Gates and Balance was a sculpture-maze that required multiple players to work together to find its solution. It could only be fully activated by physical interaction on the part of the players, who had to cooperate, communicate, and problem-solve. The sculpture employed the tactics and aesthetics of video games, pinball machines and arcades. It reflects the self-contained and self-fulfilling nature of play, as the puzzle is part of a closed loop. Upon completion, the piece's interactive elements reset to their initial positions without material reward or recognition, allowing the next group of players to participate. Gates and Balance was completed as part of Figment NYC's Interactive Sculpture Garden on Governors Island, installed Summer 2013.

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Do Not Stop at Go!

Do Not Stop At Go! was an installation of four interactive sculptures that required two or more players to work together to navigate a ball through their internal mechanisms. It was made almost entirely of second-hand construction materials and took six months to build. It was constructed at Bard College in 2009 for Robert Lumsden's Senior Thesis Exhibition and it went on to win one of the Bard Studio Arts Awards that year.