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3D Modeling

3D Modeling

Red Balloon Security- 3D Printing

Apartment Building BMS Demo Case

A simple decorative case for the hardware of a technical demo and challenge that was taken to a promotional and educational event to showcase some of RBS's work protecting building management systems. The demo was developed to attract potential technical recruits who were still completing their degrees. The case was printed in resin.

Hardware Demo Case

Server Front Bezel

Bezel front
Bezel top

Wall-mounted, Marker Holder

Marker Clips

Wall-mounted, Wire organizer

Wire Hanger

Sign and Stationary Holder

Sign and Stationary Holder

While at Red Balloon Security, I learned to 3D model objects spefically for 3D printing, which has a different set of requirements and considerations than 3D modeling for art or games. I was often tasked with creating everyday objects to be used around the office, along with cases for technical demos. These models were created in Solidworks.