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Amirelia is a cooperative exploration and puzzle solving game that encourages players to discover a deeper meaning of friendship. The players control two characters that can interact with the world and each other in a number of ways, but the core mechanic focuses on the connection between the players. This connection, this bond between friends, is represented by a physical, rope-like link which can be used to manipulate objects.

Amirelia was developed by Bryan O'Neill, Arun Abraham, Sam Trapp, Ben Snyder and Robert Lumsden as part of their capstone project and senior thesis in 2015, with contributions from Adam Johnson, Jeremy Ashbourne and Tristan Meere.

Robert contributed to co-developing the early concept, prototyping gameplay elements and mechanics, level design, co-developing the visual style with Adam Johnson, generating art and UI assets, conducting playtests and demoing the game at promotional events.

Play Amirelia Here>>>